1. Context and Methods


1.1. Background of ILCA

The Isabela Land Cover Assessment (ILCA) project contributes to the program plan 2017-2021 of the Forest Foundation Philippines by moving their strategic objectives in the Sierra Madre landscape: grow forests, grow partnerships, and grow advocates.

Specific project objectives are to undertake:

  • Data acquisition, preparation, and input for around 1.2 million hectares
  • Analysis, validation, and finalization
  • Knowledge generation and method documentation
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration

This project is part of ESSC’s continuing work in land cover updating in the country and assessing and analyzing land use in the uplands, and sharing these with key stakeholders at the local, regional and national levels.

1.2. Process Documentation

Here is the link that highlights the process (methodology) documentation in deriving the 2020 Land Cover of Isabela. For other information about the project, please visit the Project Webpage.

The documentation below presents the data and methods used in producing the 2020 Isabela Land Cover. Multistakeholder validation for the map outputs were also discussed.

1.3. 2020 Isabela Land Cover

A pdf map of the 2020 land cover for Isabela is available for download.