2. How to Download ILCA GIS Datasets

This portion provides description on how to use ILCA GIS Datasets. The data are stored in an online repository that contains the 2020 Isabela Land Cover and other map documents.

2.1. Registering for Access

  1. Fill up this Registration Form.
  2. Users will be able to view the map and GIS files by way of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that will be given after filling up the form.

2.2. Downloading the Data

  1. Open the URL through a web browser. The window will show the following map with the corresponding interface tools described below:
  • 1 Map Tools - Tools include zoom in/zoom out, ruler for measuring and a search bar (for Isabela municipality and city names).
  • 2 Map Content - This shows the coverage of the land cover maps for Isabela Province.
  • 3 Geographic Points/Dots - This serves as the placeholder for downloading municipality and city files.
  • 4 Layers - Users can toggle/untoggle the layers displayed on the map content.
  1. Hover the mouse pointer on your desired municipality/city show on the white dots. A pop-up window will appear showing the municipality/city in focus, including hyperlinks to JPG and PDF maps and Zipped GIS shapefiles. Clicking on each of them will open new tabs for downloading the corresponding files.


Make sure you correctly hover on the white dots, which are geographically placed the locations each municipal/city proper. If you are not zoomed-in sufficiently, you will notice that there will be numbered circles that will appear on the map, rather than the white dots. This means that at that scale, there are a cluster of municipalities/cities that cannot be displayed individually. You only need to zoom-in more on the numbered circles to distinguish the individual white dots.

  1. The shapefiles have a corresponding QGIS .qml file or QGIS Legend file to style them in QGIS.
  2. For those with special needs in terms of area coverage covering more than one municipality or city, please send an email to geomatics@essc.org.ph explaining your specific needs and purpose. We will then evaluate your request and get back to you soonest.

2.3. Citation Suggestions

Here are the suggestions on how to cite the donwloaded data from the URL (map document or vector file format).

Map Document (JPG or PDF)

  • Environmental Science for Social Change - Geomatics Unit. (2020). “2020 Isabela Land Cover Map” [JPG/PDF map document]. Retrieved from ESSC’s Isabela Land Cover Data Portal (https://isabelalandcover2020.essc.org.ph/).

Vector File

  • Environmental Science for Social Change - Geomatics Unit. (2020). “2020 Isabela Land Cover Map” [vector file]. RRetrieved from ESSC’s Isabela Land Cover Data Portal (https://isabelalandcover2020.essc.org.ph/).